Every first Saturday of every month is a much-anticipated, momentous day.  At 6 pm, a 2 hour non-stop praise and worship ensues. To a spectator, it may seem just like a silly shindig with people jumping and dancing around or raising their hands with their eyes closed. But to someone who happens to be there and just surrenders to the worship, they will see and know that there is more to it than meets the eye.  

Worship is a powerful thing—so powerful that it sparks a series of events. When we worship, we enter into His presence, and there, we see and experience Who God really is. Our misconception that He is a severe, stern ruler will be erased and replaced by the truth.  We encounter a loving Father Who is happy to see us and is eager to bless us. When we worship, we find God freely moving in, around, and behind the scenes of our lives. We experience an epiphany: HE REALLY DOES LOVE US. 

Now you ask why this is how this is the preferred choice for spending Saturday night. It’s plain and simple, yet unfathomable: Nothing is as precious as basking and being enveloped in His presence and His love.

Till the next first Saturday!