At San Fernando Christian Community, children are given the utmost importance. Every week, children from all over San Fernando City are fetched at the City Plaza so that they can attend events and services at the center. At the center, the children are loved on in different ways. Hugs and high fives greet them as they step into the premises. Love baths are given to kids who need them. They are given a clean change of clothes and the necessary steps for hygiene (trimming their nails, dressing their wounds, getting rid of lice) are administered to them by happy volunteers. 

The Champion Kids Team holds great programs and events for children. The object is to give them a foundation for spiritual growth. The focus is helping kids grow in the knowledge of God.  

SFCC wants to see children secure in Jesus’ love and living out their faith. Age is never an issue in understanding who Jesus is!

The Champion Kids’ Nursery is for children from 0 to 1 year old. The nursery is a nurturing, loving environment, where children are introduced to God’s love for them through play, songs, and stories. The Champion Kids’ Nursery is fully air-conditioned, sanitized, and complete with a flat screen tv so that the nursing mothers can also listen to the service.

The Champion Kids Worship Hall is divided into the following age groups: 2-5 year olds stay in the Joshua Room. 6-8  year olds stay in the Kids’ Hallway, and the 9-12 year olds stay at the Kid’s Hall

The Champion Kids Team has fun and age appropriate activities where the use of music, storytelling, drama, crafts, and games help the children develop their relationship with God.  Each  child will learn about how much Jesus loves them, what Jesus has done for them, how to understand God’s Word, and how to communicate with God.  
“Train a child in the way he should go, and when he is old, he will not depart from it.” (Proverbs 22:6)  
During the Sunday service’s 1st 5 minutes, the kids recite their memory verses in front of a very impressed congregation.

Champion Kids’ Team Head, Bambi Warden, is very passionate about children. Her love and patience for each one of them is an inspiration.

At the center, the children are loved on in different ways.

Francis Munar is just one of the many willing volunteers serving in the Kid’s Ministry. He successfully juggles his schedule between ministry and college homework. 
Maximum participation at the Kids’ Hall. Children are like sponges. It is our responsibility that they absorb the Truth.
The Champion Kids’ Nursery: nursing mommies can feed their young in private and at the same time enjoy the service via a live feed. Nursery helpers are present to help mothers concentrate on listening to the Word. 
The Joshua Room is for children ages 2 to 5. 
A young volunteer cradles a child as the mom attends the service at the Worship Hall. 

Treating them as VIPs: Uncle Rudy makes sure that all kids are safely inside the service shuttle. 
Toothless grins, grateful hugs, and seeing them grow in the knowledge of Jesus—that is reward enough. 
Let kids be kids. 

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