July 16,2013

Praise and Prayer


*Matthew 26: 28

This is my BLOOD of the COVENANT  which is POURED OUT for MANY  for the forgiveness of sins.
*Jeremiah 17: 11
Heal me, O Lord, and i will be healed; Save me and i will be saved, for you are the one i praise.

Prayer Concerns:

1. 90 Day Challenge– that we will run the race and  finish strong;never give up. After the 90 Day-Challenge, we are changed and transformed. We will be like an olive tree flourishing in the house of God. We will have more passion to know, serve, and to share Christ.

2. SFCC Church– be runners of the vision and mission of the church, that in everything we do, we will  honor God and deliver His benefits, save souls, and make disciples.  
-Be confident in God’s love
-Everyday deposit God’s Word in our hearts & spirit
-Our spirits will take command over our body & soul
-The congregation will be  deeply in love with Jesus
– We will not copy the behaviour of this world but  be transformed by the renewing of the mind.
-Be broken before the Lord

3. SFCC Leaders- Be strong in faith
-They will work as a TEAM (God’s Team) in doing the will of God.
-They will desire to grow and be matured as followers of Christ.
– keep the harmony and unity among teams and members

4. Warden Family– protection from the lies of the enemy
-protection from sicknesses
-supernatural strength for Bambi in taking care of Zion
-wisdom in bringing up Zion as a Godly man
-Spirit-led life 
-for Pastor Tim , more life-changing sermons
-increase vision & wisdom
-grace, grace, grace!
-more opportunity in sharing the Good News to the world
-their marriage  will be an example to other couples
-that they will continue to shine like Jesus shines

5. Missionaries/ Missions– more passion & confidence in sharing the Good News

-that they will love like Jesus loves
-every place they set foot on will be won as God’s territory
-no fear in sharing the Gospel
-remove the wrong perception of people about Jesus.
-the blind will see, the lame will walk, the mute will speak
-people will be freed from their oppressors

6. True Love Waits Campaign at DMMSSU & Other Schools

-Spirit-led teachings  by the speakers-Dhang, Pastor Tim, Ate Bambi, Kuya Henry, etc. 
-Protection from any works of the enemy
-souls accepting Jesus as their Personal Lord and Saviour .
-They will know the Truth and the Truth will set them free.
-The people ministered to will be freed from the lies of the enemy
-clear understanding of the teachings
-they will see their true identity in Jesus
-they will believe that God has a great plan for them ( Jeremiah 29:11 ).
they will truly decide and live a life of purity and trust God as their partner in life

7. Worship Team-that they will honor their annointing as leaders of worship
-level up in their skills as musicians and singers

8. Pre-Encounter/ Encounter- many will join in the encounter

-that the participants will really encounter God and will never be the same again
-that they will be planted in the church and really grow in the knowledge and grace of God