San Fernando Christian Community is second home to everyone.  It is a house church that reflects God’s qualities and His character.  The community lifestyle is patterned in the spirit of love, faith, truth, forgiveness, and grace. We love each other, readily forgive each other, mourn with those who mourn, laugh with those who laugh, celebrate each other’s victories and breakthroughs, receive and give grace, readily extend a helping hand, and touch base with God and all His truth, love, & forgiveness. 

It was no surprise, really, that the during the onslaught of the latest Typhoon Lando (international name Koppu), there was still a decent number of attendees. The awful storm did not deter them to brave the winds and attend the Sunday services (Oct. 18, 2015). When I asked around, intense hunger for the Word was the number one factor that drove them out of the comfort of their homes.  Job’s words in Job 23:12 says, “I have treasured the words of His mouth more than my necessary food.” There is a longing and desire and a craving that God has built into them. It’s a very natural and a very normal thing. 

The second factor was their concern for the condition of the church building and its grounds. They came armed & ready to lend a helping hand. Debris, fallen branches, & leaves were cleared from the courtyard.  Tents were dismantled to keep them from getting torn by the fierce wind. That happened in between the 2 services held. 

To borrow a show business phrase, ‘the show must go on’. This, too, is part of the SFCC culture—that the vision will be carried no matter what happens, whatever it costs, and whatever it takes. 
Clearing the courtyard of fallen leaves
Dismantling the courtyard tent lest it be torn to pieces by the angry Lando
‘Bayanihan’ is a spirit of communal unity & cooperation. This is how we love the house! 
Isaiah 25:4a says, “for you have been…a shelter from the storm…” 
Meanwhile, outside, the storm rages on. 
The decent turnout at the Sunday services. Yes, this is our church. This is our house. 
Photo credits: Christopher Cornelio