July 26, 2015 (Sun.) 

At SFCC,  all wins (big or small ) are celebrated in a big way. To mark the end of half a year,  Pastor Tim and his wife, Bambi surprised the Primary and the 144-level leaders with a fun get-together.  The event was riddled with fun and games, testimonies and affirmations.  There were also surprise tokens for networks and individuals who worked hard at winning souls since the beginning of the year.  It became a celebration of the great harvest that God has promised.  Suffice it to say that the food was also overflowing.  What transpired that night was not just a party.  It was a recharging of the soul and a much-needed affirmation that working for the Lord is never in vain.  Pastor shared his heart and assured everyone that above all, he will back each one with prayers, be everyone’s number one cheerleader, and friend.  Expect the leaders to be all fired up and ready to take on new challenges.  
Here’s to a more bountiful harvest for the 2nd half of 2015! 

Tim Warden shares his heart and appreciation to the leaders.

Surprise tokens were given to those who ran the vision.

Words of affirmation were overflowing that night.  Needless to say, the leaders were recharged. 

Hair down and laughing their hearts out.  

Pray for one another.  Build each other up.

So hip to be square: capping the night off was a square dance for all.