Hazel grew up trying to please her Dad to earn his approval.  As a result, she gauges her acceptance according to  how she performed.  If she fails to accomplish a task at work, she feels rejected.  At the Encounter God Retreat, she willingly accepted the Father’s love.  The years of living in fear of being rejected has ended.  “God’s love is the solution to all problems”, she shares.  

Marverich carried with him 23 years’ worth of pain and hurt of being bullied by classmates.  Add to that, he did not have a smooth relationship with some of his family members.  He tried all sorts of remedies like tantric yoga, studied different kinds of religion, etc.  What he really needed  was to let go of all the pent-up anger he nursed for years.  At the retreat, he allowed God to soften his hardened heart.  Releasing forgiveness to those who hurt him gave him the peace that he has been searching for. “I believe Jesus when He said, It is done! Now I feel free,” he testifies. 

Simo, a photographer/ videographer, now sees God at every angle.  “When I shoot,” he explains, “I study all the sides involved.” Looking up, he says, he sees the ceiling. His vision is limited.  In his heart, it was manifested that that ceiling represents problems, fears, any obstacles. But his spiritual eyes revealed that beyond the ceiling is the vast sky. He now realizes that God is bigger than anything. His vision may be obstructed in the physical, but his deeper faith made him see beyond any circumstance.  

Deo claims that this Encounter is his best birthday gift in 37 years.  He released forgiveness to his brother whom he has not seen since 2002.  But God surprised him because that same night, he received a text message that his estranged brother was trying to reach him.  Because he turned his life over to Jesus, restoration began to take place in his life.

“When people ask me how I’m doing, I always reply: I’m good,” Ken shares.  “Throughout the Encounter, I started replying, I’m great! But after the Encounter, after I have totally received the love of God, my answer is this: I’m perfect!” And why not, when one is so confident that He is loved and accepted by the Father?

Rochelle arrived at the Encounter hungry and desiring God.  She was decided to set everything aside and really encounter God.  In her heart, God told her, “This is how you will receive me. Say thank you because it is done!”  So she did and she did encounter God so intimately that she could not contain it. “If you want to be filled, empty yourself,” she shares.