Team Frontier, a group of San Fernando Christian Community leaders (undergoing the School of Leaders 1 Training) hosted an event called “Barkada Food Trip” at Ganaden’s Nook, a beach resort along the famous San Juan surfing strip.
The activity is an opportunity to reach out to people and lead them on an exciting journey of life and salvation.  And what better way to start it with than food. The bonding was facilitated through a cook fest. In helping one another grill and prepare the food, the participants and the organizers got to know each other better. It was a perfect way to unwind. One participant mentioned that he has not been out of his school-to-boarding house routine for the longest time. One even celebrated his birthday at the event.
When the food was ready, there was a preliminary sharing from each of the group members. God’s love and His free gift of salvation was shared thru personal testimonies & the sharing of Bible verses. The group was led to pray and to accept Jesus into their hearts. It was befitting then that afterwards, they feasted on the food they prepared together. The ‘breaking of bread’ gave more opportunity for them to get to know each other on a deeper level.  It also gave more opportunity for the organizers to share more of God’s goodness.
After the feast, there were games and some opted to take a dip in the sea. It was the perfect getaway, which was maximized by bringing in God as the major factor. After that, the group could not bring the day to an end. They headed to SFCC to attend that night’s Soaking, a night of praise & worship.

What a way to spend the day just reflecting on God’s awesome love and kindness!

Getting to know each other

Using food as a common interest, the organizers were able to break the ice through the concept of teamwork.
Sharing was done before the partaking of the food.

Eating together paved the way for more opportunity to share God’s goodness. 
Team Frontier offers not just physical food, but food for the soul.