Lorma Recollection (10 Sep. 2016)

The Lorma College of Nursing tapped the assistance of SFCC for their annual recollection. The participants were mostly juniors of the said college.  Kudos to the SFCC team of volunteers who were more than willing to lend a hand to bring heaven on earth to these young hopefuls. The students were taught the importance of knowing their true identity in Christ.  They were also empowered  to focus on things of eternal value.
It was not pure lecture. There were also production numbers via live performances and video presentations.  Students claim that the Word they heard was good. Indeed, it was.

Bambi Warden puts emphasis on self-awareness. Knowing your true identity in Jesus is an essential for living the life He has planned for you.
Kiko Bartolome empowers the juniors by realigning their focus.


Performers willing to do whatever it takes to share Jesus’ message of love.