Summer Internship Graduation 2016

“I am watching to see that My word is fulfilled.” Jeremiah 1:12
God is faithful & He will do what He says He will do.  As we seek to do His will, God supplies the manpower, the strength, & the resources along the way. If it’s God’s will, it’s God’s bill.
Last Saturday, May 28 at 5 pm, the Summer Internship Training participants marched victoriously towards the finish line.  After six eventful, fruitful, and purpose-filled weeks, SFCC witnessed the graduation of 38 interns.  The parents were in full force & many testified to the changes that God has done in each of their children.  Jerico’s parents admit that their son is happy being planted in SFCC.  Diane’s mom is surprised to see her child active & performing onstage. “Mahiyain yan dati,” she says. But now, Diane is seen acting, strumming the guitar & wowing the crowd with her God-given voice.  Jazha’s mom attests to the radical changes in her daughter.  “Maaga siyang gumigising ngayon. Bago siya pumunta sa internship training, ipinagluluto muna niya kami.  (She wakes up early now. She cooks food for us before she leaves for the internship training.) She used to be dependent on me a lot.” It wasn’t surprising that Jazsha got the the ‘Metamorphosis Award’ among the female interns.
“Matigas ang ulo (hard-headed), puro tablet at computer lang ang hinaharap (he is always in front of the computer),” was the old description for Paulo, another intern. But ever since God moved in Paulo’s life, he is now giving advice to his mom. He would say, “Pag may problema ka, Mama, pray ka lang. Andiyan si God (If you have a problem, just approach God. He is near)”. 
Congratulations, interns! This is just the beginning of a wonderful journey ahead!

A glorious finish: the Summer Interns march proudly with their parents

BeFunky Collage
Jerico’s parents noticed that he has never been happier ever since he joined the Summer Internship Training.

From no confidence to God-fidence: Diane shines for Jesus as she performs onstage

Jazsha cries as her mom affirms her. Jazsha received the Metamorphosis Award and rightly so. God is a radical changer.

Proud mom boasts about her son’s positive changes brought about by the Summer Internship Training. After a long, strained relationship, Paulo is now closer to his mom and is even giving her wise advice. Truly, God is a God of restoration!