Summer Internship Training: Week 1

April 18, 2016
Summer Internship Training is a 6-week intensive hands-on training for high potential youth leaders . The offer is available to the young ones ages 12 to 20.  The summer heat notwithstanding, excited participants showed up bright and early on Day 1. Eager volunteers from all ages and sizes blessed the interns with their availability. There were teachers, servers, administrative staff, overseers, cooks, maintenance teams, and other support teams. God is good. It has been a smooth start and already, the  youth are starting to blossom into their full potential.
This is just the beginning. Pray with us that the 6-week training will be fruitful and serve its purpose, and that God’s will be done in their lives.

The arrival of the interns Batch 10 marks the start of something new & amazing.

Full of fun and fellowship—there is never a dull moment at the Summer Internship Training

Teaching worship as a lifestyle of champions in life

Behind-the-scenes—every support counts.

A tender moment with their Savior

Doing whatever it takes to impart Truth to the youth

Help comes in all shapes and ages.

Everyone considers SFCC home.