24 Years of God's Faithfulness

There is every reason to celebrate because of God’s goodness & faithfulness.  SFCC has gone through 24 wonderful, fruitful, exhilarating years of growing deeper and deeper in the  grace and knowledge of our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ. The body of Christ is growing, too, in numbers.  And last weekend, the Worship Hall couldn’t contain all the attending members & guests. Even the Overflow Hall was filled to overflowing.  This year is going to be a year of more blessings. This anniversary is just the kickoff.

Shoulder to shoulder worship

Welcome home, Kari! SFCC family member Charina Santos migrated to the US but has always applied the teachings and principles taught at SFCC. She now shares the amazing testimony of Gods faithfulness as she continues to abide in Him.

The Worship Hall is filled to overflowing—just like Abba’s unending grace and goodness.

The Overflow Hall

After the services—the fun continues. The Anniversary Singing Contest was a lot of fun. The contestants were very impressive.

Souvenir photos are available at the photo booth

Tim, Bambi, & Zion with Primary leader, Jingo Bautista are all smiles at the SFCC Courtyard.