LifeChurch Roxas Visits SFCC

What an eventful week for San Fernando Christian Community! This week, Pastor Rey Pactanac from LifeChurch Roxas, along with some of his Primary & 144 leaders visited the center.  Each of them was very gracious to share their hearts to the congregation. A Leadership Mentoring was held for 2 days at the SFCC Worship Hall. Those who participated received an outpouring of fresh insight & wisdom. Everyone was encouraged, refreshed, and given a new eagerness to live the life of a true believer & disciple.  Pastor Rey was also the special guest speaker at the monthly event, Soaking, as well as the Saturday & Sunday services. 

 LifeChurch Roxas  headed by Pastor Rey
“Maraming magandang mangyayari sa iyo kapag sumusunod ka sa Panginoon!” (“A lot of good things will happen to you if you obey Him.”) 
“Dapat excited tayo na mag-share, dahil ang dala-dala natin ay Magandang Balita—Salita ng Diyos!” (“We should be excited to share because what we bring to the people is Godd News—His Word!”) 
“Ikaw ang ilaw sa tahanan mo.” (“You are the light in your own homes.”) 
Learning hour is happy hour.