Keystone Habits Shared by Pastor Noel Nabua

29 July 2014 (Sun.)

San Fernando Christian Community was greatly blessed last weekend. Special guest speaker and friend, Pastor Noel Nabua from Hosanna Life Church, Corona, CA spoke to the primary and 144 leaders of the church.  He introduced the “Keystone Habit” which will greatly improve the culture and the lifestyle of an individual.  Keystone habits are habits that create a chain reaction. Picture a still, small pond. Throw a pebble in the middle and watch the ripple move from the center radiating outward.  

Small wins have enormous power. If you plan to wake up early and start the day with devotions, you will find that your habit of waking up at 5 am has developed another habit—that of going to bed early. And going to bed early requires eliminating late night movies or going online till you fall asleep.  Before you know it, you have already developed a healthy habit of going to bed early, getting enough sleep, and getting rid of unhealthy habits (late night TV & browsing the net mindlessly) and developing more productive ones (spending time getting to know your Maker, never missing breakfast, and getting to work on time). 
One keystone habit will develop the rest of your habits. After the talk, everyone wrote the keystone habit that they plan to develop. Everyone is determined to stick with this new plan and within a month’s time, at the next gathering, there is the anticipation of reports of wins and small victories.  

The Primary & the 144 leaders bless and pray for Pastor Noel.