Multiply Baguio Media Training Workshop

“…the God who started this great work in you would keep at it and bring it to a flourishing finish on the very day Christ Jesus appears.” (The MSG Bible, Phil. 1:6) 

Level up training sessions have been going on left and right at the San Fernando Christian Community.  Recently, the Champion Multimedia Team underwent 3 glorious days of training at the Asia Pacific Theological Seminary (APTS) in Ambuklao, Baguio.  The object of this workshop is to maximize the utilization of the various media tools to make God famous. Their tagline is “His message. Multiplied.”   

Here are the testimonies of the delegates who participated in the Multiply Multimedia Training:

Vikki Cayago ( middle) during the Web Design & Social Media Training. She did not know how to use her God-given artistry and creativity for His glory until she volunteered for the church social media.

“Your being an artist is God’s anointing.” That statement struck me the most. For the longest time, I did not have an outlet for the raging artist inside of me. I was like an aimless arrow with nary a clue as to where I was going.  It was also a great pressure on my part to hear that ‘to whom much is given, much will be required’. (Lk. 12:48) I did not know how to utilize my God-given artistry and creativity for His glory.  But now, being a part of the creative department of  SFCC  has given me a clear answer. Jesus used different conversation strategies to communicate with different people—the lepers, the prostitutes, the educated, the followers. Now being  in the age of technology gives us an advantage to reach diverse people at a wider scope. The Multiply Multimedia Training has inspired me to maximize the endless possibilities of utilizing the social media. We use a different method, but the Message remains intact. — Vikki Cayago, Head of the Social Media 

Christopher Cornelio during the culminating activity of the Multimedia Training. He now has a clearer vision of why he does sound mixing—to minister to people through good sound. 

Christopher Cornelio, the resident sound man of the SFCC Champion Multimedia Team states that he has a clearer vision of why he does sound mixing.  He shares that sound mixing is not pure technology but to utilize good sound to deliver God’s message.  He learned that the knowing the basic facts about sound is key.  

Hazel during post-production: “What struck me was that I am not merely a multimedia person.  I am a multimedia minister/ evangelist.”

“Nag-stick sa mind ko na hindi lang ako multimedia person. I am a multimedia minister/ evangelist.  Lahat ng ginagawa sa media ay for souls.  (“What struck me was that I am not merely a multimedia person.  I am a multimedia minister/ evangelist.  All media outputs that I produce are for the purpose of saving souls.”) ” All throughout post-production, I was acknowledging God’s grace.  Sure enough, the finished product fulfilled its desired purpose which was to move the viewers and to touch their lives permanently.” —Hazel Joice Paras, Multimedia volunteer

Josh Bartolome resolves to make videos to campaign for Jesus.

Josh Bartolome, another multimedia volunteer has been greatly inspired by the training.  He resolves to make videos to campaign for Jesus. 

Living out the core value of excellence has pushed the media workers to upgrade their knowledge and to improve their craft.  Here’s looking forward to a more fruitful campaign to reach more lives.