Wayne Wasem Dinner Seminar

Tue, 29 April 2014

Never miss an opportunity to upgrade and grow. 

Hundreds of people trooped to the San Fernando Christian Community Worship Hall where a free dinner seminar was held.   World missionary Wayne Wasem from Kamiah, Idaho was the special guest speaker.  This was his 2nd time this year to conduct a seminar at SFCC. This time, he talked about “Grace That Empowers for a Victorious Life.”   It was a fruitful discussion filled with fresh revelations. Everyone had their fill of spiritual food. After the service, there was fellowship and the people could not stop talking about the wonders of grace. 

Regine Balcita was particularly struck by the  message that grace empowers you not to sin.  It helped her get out of being condemnation-minded to being grace-minded.  “Dati mahirap mag-move on at parati kong naaalala yung mga maling nagawa ko.  Pero ngayon, may confidence na ako na panghawakan ang grace ni God.  Gaya ng sinabi ni Jesus sa adulterous woman, ang grace Niya ang nagmo-motivate sa akin to go and sin no more.”  (“I used to suffer from self-condemnation every time I make a mistake. It was hard for me to accept forgiveness and move on.  But now, upon hearing the grace message, I now have the confidence to stand on God’s grace.  Just like what Jesus said to the adulterous woman, His grace is what motivates me to sin no more. “)

Eager for an upgrade. Hunger for the Word led these people to attend the Wayne Wasem seminar.

Many were visibly moved by the message conveyed. Grace revolutionizes lives.