A Victorious Sunday

05 Feb. 2014 (Wed.) 

San Fernando Christian Community celebrated another momentous occasion as Pre-encounter, Encounter, and Post-encounter participants marched victoriously during their graduation.  There are happy, beaming faces all around, not only of those who are graduating, but also for the parents and relatives of the graduates.  The PEPSOL (Pre-encounter, Encounter, Post-encounter, & School of Leaders 1,2, & 3) Academy’s goal is to help each believer grow in faith and be more equipped in all areas.  It is a blessing to witness how everyone is eager to run with the church’s vision to ‘save souls and make disciples’. This Sunday, February 9, 2014, the first batch of School of Leaders participants will start their training.  Simultaneously, the Encounter graduates will also begin the Post-encounter sessions.  Like it has been said, learning never stops with age or within the four walls of the classroom. Thank God for the teachable hearts who are willing to learn and upgrade.  
Learning does not end as we age. We just have to be willing to learn something new at every opportunity.
Beaming with pride, the graduates bask in their victory with Jesus.
Celebrating their victory—the graduates sing the victory anthem, Hillsong’s “In Jesus’ Name”. 
Giddy with triumph
The men of  SFCC —finishing strong.
Reynald Acosta and Karen Apostol are this batch’s top achievers.
Singing their way to victory:
“God is fighting for us/ Pushing back the darkness/ Lighting up the kingdom that cannot be shaken!”