Praise & Prayer: Prayer Points

Let us then with confidence draw near to the throne of grace, that we may receive mercy and find grace to help in time of need. –Hebrews 4:16

Prayer Points:

1.) Warden Family
a) Pastor Tim & Bambi -supernatural strength, protection, provision 
-let God’s grace flow in their family
-strong marriage
-more revelations and visions from God for the church
b) Zion –  godly man and worshiper of Christ

2.) Leaders
– live in God’s grace and in God’s Word
– wisdom on how to prepare for the pre-encounter, encounter & the PEPSOL
– keep the unity & harmony among the ministries and among their members
– continually grow in the love & knowledge of Christ
– stay humble, love others the way Christ loves us
– keep listening & obeying God
– intimacy with God
-live in integrity

3. ) Church
– continue to depend on God’s grace.
– be early for the services & be excited to give praise & worship  
– hungry & thirsty to listen to God’s Word
– make God’s Word a priority in life
– develop a lifestyle of praise & prayer
– be united in Christ’s love for His church
– be willing to be molded during the 90-day challenge
– all members to accept & finish the 90-Day Challenge strong and victorious

4. ) Cell Groups
a. Cell leaders- wisdom & strategic ways to bring cell members to the encounter
– multiplication of cell groups
– lifestyle of saving souls and making disciples
b. Cell Members – they will rise up to become leaders

5.) Pre- encounter
– many will join.
-even before it starts, God is already doing something to the hearts of those who will join
– provision
– people will come excited to the pre-encounter
– open door, open hearts, open mind, open heaven
– pull down the strongholds: unbelief, lies of the enemy about God, unforgiveness, sama ng loob, anger
– speak life: salvation, healing, deliverance, ma-disciple, train , equip and send
protection from the attacks of the enemy
– understanding God’s Word clearly

6.) Encounter
– everyone will encounter God and be changed
– they are willing to be broken
– fully surrendered to God  

– teachable spirit
– wisdom for the assigned teachers and speakers
– clear understanding of God’s Word

8.) Missions
– God will send more workers who are committed 
– more adult missionaries
– open heaven for transformation for every person who heard the Gospel
– more places to conquer for Christ
– boldness in sharing the Gospel anytime & anywhere

9.) Juvenile Recollection
– prepare their hearts, softened and ready to receive the Gospel
– pull down strongholds of unforgiveness, unbelief, anger, lies of the enemy 
– speak salvation, deliverance, healing, ma-disiciple, train, equip at ma-send, forgiveness, truth , love, peace, trust, honesty
– anointing ,protection and covering for those who will minister
– Holy Spirit to move mightily and powerfully in their lives

10.) DMMMSU & other school campuses in San Fernando
-salvation of school officials, faculty, staff/workers, & students
– Christian students will rise up to share the Gospel boldly to their friends, classmates & teachers by God’s grace.
-open minds & hearts for those who hear God’s Word
-cell group multiplication inside & outside the campus
– open heaven for transformation
– for all school organizations to become God-centered
– bind the strongholds of the enemy (corruption, bad vices, laziness, rebellion, hatred, envy, jealousy, etc.)
– speak life & faith over the students & employees

11.) Prayer Requests
a. Connie & Jake- a church where they will be used mightily & powerfully
– God’s will for them as they move to Texas

b. Frederick Church of Christ- strength & wisdom for Jim & all the elders
                  – unity & harmony among their church
      – revival
c. Jenny (mother of Jaime) – declare : with God all things are possible
– to meet her mom whom she has never met before: reconciliation
d. Bilog & Jomar– healing for their ear infection
  e. All parents in Catbangen to receive Christ as their Savior, and for a church to be planted there.