PEP (Pre-encounter, Encounter, & Post-encounter) Graduation

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Jesus is the author & finisher of our faith (Hebrews 12:2). He is guiding us, leading us, shepherding us from our initial faith to a bigger faith. He empowers us not just to survive this life, but to thrive.  He leads us from merely living to winning.

Such is the goal of the PEPSOL (SOL stands for School of Leaders) training at SFCC.  Every believer is a leader.  To be so moved by the awesome blessings & radical changes that Jesus has done in our lives that we would also want others to have the same experience.

Claire Padua, this Post-encounter batch’s top finisher, confesses to not having any confidence at all prior to the PEPSOL training.  “But now, I can stand in front of you and speak because of Jesus in me,” she proudly declares. Witnessing the others march onstage during other previous graduations, she envisioned herself to be among the future graduates someday.  Now that it happened, she is grateful for the people who were instrumental in her radical life change. “This is not a perfect church,” she says, “but this is a good embassy to be planted in.” 

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