From Fear to Faith (by Wayne Wasem)

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(Jan. 17, 2017, Tue.
Praise & Prayer)

This year 2017 has not even fully started yet but the blessings are coming in at full blast.  SFCC had the privilege to have dear friend, Wayne Wasem as guest speaker at Tuesday’s Praise & Prayer.  He shared about turning fear into faith. Yes, fear can be a normal response, but if we know Jesus, the duration of fear dwelling in our hearts & minds will become temporary.  In His presence, there is fullness of joy (Psalm 16:11). So constantly place yourself in an atmosphere of His presence. No fear can overcome those who put their trust in Him and in His Word.
So come. Learn. And have a teachable spirit.  Run to God and get past your fear.
Wayne and his friends express their awe at how God is moving in our church. “I’m always awed at the servant heart I sense every time I visit,” he exclaimed.
We give God all the glory.


Husband & wife, Brenda & Tim, shared their testimony. Truly, God is good regardless of the circumstances we are in!





The SFCC Family blesses the team: This is the privilege we get as part of Christ’s body. We cover each other in prayer which is always powerful & effective.

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