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Habits are things we learn through repetition and eventually do either unconsciously or with very little effort. First we form habits and then they form us. It says a lot about our character. We are what we repeatedly do.  Habits are not innate. We have a choice in the matter.  
Sadulawit, Inc. and the Rotary Club of Metro San Fernando joined together to help the students of La Union National High School upgrade themselves in this area. They came up with a 3-hour program centering on developing good habits in the use of public bathrooms. It actually starts with the little things. With the little things, a whole world of difference can be made (see Luke 16:10). According to the “Keystone Habit“, forming just one (1) good habit can eliminate at least 6 (six) bad habits that one has.
Romans 12:21 says to ‘overcome evil with good’. With this Biblical principle, the organizers are positive that good habits have the power to overcome bad habits.

There was great excitement among the students even at the onset of the event. 

The attendance was overwhelming. 

The Rotary Club of Metro San Fernando 

Vandalism is the behaviour attributed originally to the Vandals, by the Romans, in respect of culture: ruthless destruction or spoiling of anything beautiful or venerable. It was heartbreaking to see that in less than a few weeks after the comfort rooms were built, the ceiling was smashed in for no apparent reason. 
We are what we repeatedly do.  Habits are not innate. We have a choice in the matter.  
In this skit, the Sadulawit actors depicted that even a caveman can be taught good habits. The knowledge and information is there. The application is a choice.

Joana composed a special song with the title, “C.R. Pag-ingatan”.  The refrain goes, Sabi ng Diyos maging excellent, kung ano ang iyong gawa, YUN KA! Gawin mo sa iba kung ano ang gusto mong mangyari sa iyo.”
The ribbon cutting signaling the turnover of the new comfort room donated by the Rotary Club & Sadulawit to the La Union National High School students. 
Dedicating the new comfort rooms. 
LUNHS Principal Madeleine Corpuz expresses her gratitude.
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  1. teamwork makes a great work! (Sadulawit, Inc. and the Rotary Club of Metro San Fernando)

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