Passing On the Passion

San Fernando Christian Community is all about passing on the passion for God, for souls, and for living the life of a true disciple.  Inviting people to the services or other events has become a culture. That way, God’s love, not intended to be exclusive, is being passed on. It is because of this inviting culture that this batch of Pre-encounter participants has  the biggest turnout & retention so far. Over 90+ participants turned up for the 2nd session. Indeed, ‘ nourishment comes from doing the will of God’ (John 4:34). Obeying what God has called us to do will cause us to leave a legacy worth more than money and other material things.

Over 90 participants filled the SFCC Worship Hall during the 2nd session of Pre-encounter.


During the breakout session, the guides pray for the participants.


A true disciple cares for his sheep just like Jesus

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