When ‘We’ is Greater Than ‘Me’

Brigada Eskwela is a nationwide school maintenance program enjoining all the public schools and community to contribute their time, efforts, and resources to ensure the schools’ physical and conducive-to-learning environment.
Sadulawit Inc., recognizing the need, gathered 52 members and volunteers distributed in teams to extend  help into 2 secondary schools — La Union National High School (LUNHS) and North Central School. Add to that, there were 2 primary schools — Catbangen Central School and Santiago Elementary School.  Led by Sadulawit alumni R-jay dela Cruz, Sadulawit gave 1 gallon of paint, 3  paintbrushes, repair materials (nails, wires, etc.) and cleaning materials (20  broomsticks and 12  soft brooms).
The teachers were happy to accommodate the volunteer teams. The work involved  classroom general repair and cleaning to outside beautification. The team exuded enthusiasm in cleaning. Ceilings, walls, tables, chairs, windows, and doors  were repaired, cleaned, and  repainted.  On the school grounds there was landscaping and rehabilitating of the school garden (weeding and replanting).
The volunteers starting the endeavor with a prayer huddle.
Rjay dela Cruz, a Sadulawit alumni, took the lead in signing up at the La Union National High School and North Central School endorsing the teams to the 4 different schools.
BeFunky Collage
Sheryl Medina, Julie Orosco, and Carlo Metila (Sadulawit members) didn’t waste the opportunity to be involved. They were former students of the school.
Roseann Andaya (woman in black) led the team in helping out at her former school.  Her former teachers recognize her as  an asset being a  youth leader with a different perspective.
Till the next school year. We serve because Jesus first served us!
(Blogged by Miss Roseann Gallardo, Sadulawit Coordinator)