More Summer Internship Training Testimonies

What a privilege it is to be a part of the change happening in a person’s life! SFCC is thankful that God is using the church to reach out to individuals and become an instrument to deliver His benefits.
Apreal Kyle Cartel confesses to being ultra-shy and nervous around people. But then, she is thankful that someone invited her to SFCC. “Na-build and ugnayan namin ni God ( My relationship with God was built.) “  Because of this, she has grown confident and has developed the skill to entertain guests who are here for the first time.  She is grateful for the training she acquired from the Summer Internship. But most of all, she is happy that she got to know God on a much deeper level.
Who is Paulo Timbal before he met Jesus? He compares himself to still waters. He is quiet on the surface, but he rages underneath.  He admits to being overcome by pride. But when he met Jesus, he noticed the changes.  “Binabago Niya ako araw-araw. Yung Paulo na sobrang yabang ay nawala na at napalitan ng Paulo na mapagpasensiya at mapagpakumbaba. (“God is changing me everyday. The old, prideful Paulo is now replaced by a new, patient, and humble Paulo.”)  The new Paulo knows Whom to give credit to.  “I thank Jesus for dying for me.” 
emz salle
Emz Salle is a victim of ‘maling akala’ (‘wrong perception’). She had so many misconceptions about God which resulted to her non-relationship with Him. When she heard the Good News about grace (undeserved favor), she quickly understood & embraced  it. She has experienced freedom to lift up her hands in worship. “Ang purpose ko sa pagsali sa internship ay para di ako ma-bore sa bahay. Pero ngayon, ang purpose ko na ay para lalo kong makilala si God.” (“My original purpose for joining the internship is to relieve boredom. But now, my real purpose is to know God more.”)  To this she adds, “I believe that it’s not a coincidence that I got invited to SFCC. I know that God used SFCC as an instrument for me to know Him. to serve Him, and to be His disciple.”