Encounter God Retreat (March 24-25, 2016)

It was a long weekend put to good use as the finishers of the Pre-encounter sessions hied off to DMMMSU Sapilang to have an encounter with God. It’s true that SFCC has held countless Encounter God Retreats but none of them is similar to another. God is a personal God and every encounter He orchestrates with each individual is customized and unique. Suffice it to say that meeting God and experiencing Him never gets old. His grace is fresh and new every morning!
Each of the participants proclaim a 180-degree life-changing experience. When God takes over as one surrenders his life, radical changes take place. Long-standing grudges, past hurts, traumatic experiences, irrational fears, and emptiness are all washed away and replaced by God’s overflowing love.
Like Saul who became Paul when He had a Damascus experience, every participant went home with a renewed heart—never to be the same again.
To God be the glory!

Tim Warden never tires of sharing God’s love and His message of grace.

The participants and their guides paying full attention to the Good News

Real men pray and worship God.

Overjoyed and overwhelmed

They will never be the same again.